Clear Braces

Here, at Wisdom Dental Acton, we fully understand just how important a healthy and bright smile is to our patients and how much it can boost their confidence. We are passionate about providing the latest cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic solutions. Today, we are proud to introduce simple and gentle cosmetic tooth alignment – CFast.

What is C-fast?

C-fast is an extremely simple, gentle and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, which is designed to straighten your teeth as fast as four to six months. By correcting alignments issues with the top and bottom front six teeth, and can level and round out the arches, C-fast is ideal for mild to moderate crowding, gaps, and gummy smiles that are most visible when you smile, talk or laugh. C-fast is ideal for correcting irregular anterior teeth.

What are the main reasons for C-fast?

      • Adults who have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to have to go through extractions and a lengthy treatment. Cfast is a much quicker process then conventional orthodontics.
      • Discreet appliance with no metal showing.
      • Anyone who wants to improve their smile and increase their confidence.
      • Patients with spaces, crowding or rotation.
      • It can help improve dental health, where there is crowding (rotation can make teeth difficult to clean and compromise periodontal health).
      • Straighter and more aligned teeth are easier to maintain and can help prevent caries and periodontal disease.
    • The overall cost is spread over the entire course of treatment.

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What is the procedure?

The first step is a consultation with the dentist, who will discuss your concerns and treatment options. Photographs will then be taken to assess the treatment suitability. Simple impressions are then taken to send to the laboratory for a unique set up of your teeth. Treatment can then begin a week later. At the first treatment appointment, the brackets will be bonded to the teeth and the wires will be attached. Your dentist will then review your progress every 4-5 weeks. At the end of your treatment, we provide 2 sets of retainers – fixed and removable, to ensure no relapse of treatment. We also offer priority appointments for C-fast patients.

Clear braces for the lower teeth

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Clear braces for the upper teeth

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