Bridges are a treatment option for those who have one or two missing teeth and do not want a denture. Bridges are fixed to neighbouring healthy teeth to restore gaps.

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What is a bridge?

Bridges are a fixed dental appliance used to restore gaps which cannot be removed from the mouth. Where there are fewer teeth to replace and there are healthy teeth on either side of a gap, a bridge can be considered. Bridges usually have a precious metal base with porcelain which is matched to our natural teeth. Bridges are fixed onto adjacent healthy teeth in various ways. They will improve the appearance and function, whilst also preventing the adjacent teeth tilting and drifting into the space which makes future options for restoring gaps more complicated and expensive.

What are the reasons for a bridge?

A bridge is used to replace missing teeth to help restore function and aesthetics.

What is the procedure for a bridge?

Here, at our West London dental clinic, we first prepare the adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth. We take an impression, choose a shade and then send it to the dental laboratory. The process can take up to two weeks and a temporary bridge will be fitted while you are waiting for your permanent bridge.

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