New Patients

At Wisdom Dental we perform a comprehensive new patient check-up which includes a thorough check up of your teeth and soft tissues (screening for oral cancer) and necessary x-rays.
Our priorities are to provide you with the best possible dental experience such as:
  • A friendly welcome from our team.
  • Providing a calm stress free environment.
  • Cleanliness; exceptional cross infection standards, in line with current guidelines.
  • Caring dentists who are here to discuss your individual dental issues.

We will take the time to assess you fully at your first appointment by
  • Completing a thorough examination
  • Using digital x-rays
  • Working with state of the art technology eg. Intra-oral camera to show you images of mouth and teeth and explain about any areas of concern.
  • A full evaluation of your dental health will be recorded on our dental software including digital x-rays.
  • All treatment and prices are clearly noted and explained prior any treatment commencing.
  • Relevant information leaflets are available and provided accordingly to your specific health needs.

Here at Wisdom Dental our experienced team are always here to assist you should a dental emergency arise.

Most common emergencies are:
  • Extreme Pain
  • Swelling arising
  • Trauma
During opening hours we make it our priority to see you on the day of emergency. Furthermore an out of hours service does operate.

Regular examinations ensure that any dental/oral problematic issues arising can be dealt with early taking a much more preventative approach. Therefore, avoiding the need for more complicated expensive treatment. It also provides the opportunity to continually screen for potentially more serious issues like mouth cancer.

As well as checking teeth and gums for children, we can assess jaw development and the potential need for orthodontic treatment.

Promoting preventative dentistry is a priority, therefore we recommend regular check-ups as advised by your dentist for your oral health needs.
Nervous Patients

Attending the dentists for some patients can be a very traumatic and anxious experience. Common causes for this are; a bad experience in the past or as a child, fear of pain and gagging. All of our dentists are very caring and empathetic, ensuring we make the patients experience from entering the practice to completing treatment as comfortable as possible.

We have dentists who are members of the international society of dental anxiety management. We employ numerous dental anxiety management techniques to help patients overcome their phobias.
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