Root Canal

Wisdom dental offers gentle root canal treatments in Acton, West London. Our specialised and experienced dental team will ensure you feel comfortable before, during and after the treatment.


What is root canal treatment?

The root canal treatment, which is also known as endodontic, is a dental procedure needed when blood or nerve supply of the tooth becomes infected. Sometimes, it is possible not to feel any pain in the early stages of infection. If the nerve of your tooth has died (or is dying) it is possible for your tooth to darken in colour. In such case, root canal treatment is required.

How would my tooth look after the treatment?

There usually aren't any significant changes to how your tooth would look after the root canal treatment. A root-filled tooth could however slightly darken in colour. If this happens, there are several treatments available to restore it's natural look. The tooth could also be restored with a filling or may need a crown/inlay to provide strength.

After Care

After the root canal procedure, the tooth can be treated just as any other tooth. 



Amalgam Fillings
Amalgam (silver) fillings have been used for over 150 years, they do contain mercury.  Amalgam fillings do not bond to the teeth and. They add no strength to the teeth and over the years eventually leakage and cracks occur around them. With advances in technology there are newer mercury free teeth coloured fillings which are just as strong and durable. 

Cosmetic white
Resin fillings provide a natural aesthetic appearance and technological advances mean they are very realistic and strong for posterior fillings. Tooth coloured filling materials can also be used for aesthetic reasons to close gaps, change the shape of the tooth, thus enhancing smiles in a non-invasive manner.


Inlays / Onlays and Crowns

Where more tooth tissue has been lost, it may be necessary to provide a stronger restoration. There are various kinds of inlays/ onlays and crowns. Here at Wisdom we tend to use our beautifully customised one visit  ceramic restorations.

When a substantial amount of tooth has been lost, a larger restoration such as an inlay or onlay is designed to fit into/ on to the remaining healthy tooth to strengthen it.

A crown or 'cap' completely covers a weak tooth above the gum line. The function of a crown is to restore each tooth to its normal shape and size, while protecting and strengthening the tooth and enhancing the aesthetics.

A crown can easily restore your appearance if you have either chipped or fractured teeth, broken down fillings or teeth that are malformed, malpositioned or discoloured.



A denture is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. When you lose teeth and are left with gaps, replacing lost or missing teeth have substantial benefits for the appearance health and function of the mouth.

Dentures provide support for cheeks and lips, therefore preventing the facial muscles sagging, which can make a person appear older. Here at Wisdom Dental we provide a full range of dentures which provide our patients to smile with confidence and enjoy a robust healthy diet.

There are various types of dentures which can be provided to suit the patients need. The base of the denture is normally made of acrylic or metal and the teeth can be made to match your natural teeth. With advances, materials and using the best laboratory technicians, we are able to provide you with excellent fitting aesthetic dentures.

Dentures isolated on a white background.


Bridges are a fixed dental appliance used to restore gaps which cannot be removed from the mouth. Where there are fewer teeth to replace and there are healthy teeth on either side of a gap, a bridge can be considered.

Bridges usually have a precious metal base with porcelain which is matched to our natural teeth. Bridges are fixed onto adjacent healthy teeth in various ways. They will improve the appearance and function, whilst also preventing the adjacent teeth tilting and drifting into the space which makes future options for restoring gaps more complicated and expensive.


Anti-Snoring Devices

We can help prepare and fit anti snoring devices to help patients who suffer from sleep apnoea and other sleep related sleeping disorders.

Your dentist can make an oral appliance which is worn at night to prevent or reduce snoring. Following the completion of a questionnaire, your dentist will take moulds of your upper and lower arches. Your appliance will be custom made to the moulds of your mouth and your dentist will fit it.

The purpose of the appliance is to hold the lower jaw in a forward position. During sleep any opening of the mouth pulls the lower jaw further forward thereby increasing the gap at the back of the throat and allowing more air to flow freely – and quietly. You will be asked to wear the appliance each night for a week to determine if it has eliminated the snoring. If snoring persists, you may be asked to return to your dentist to have it adjusted.

This type of devise is generally not suited to people with few or no natural teeth and will not work for everyone - around 60% achieve complete relief from snoring.

To learn more about potential anti-snoring devices, speak with your dentist.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ stands for temporo-mandibular joint. This joint connects the lower jaw to the skull and its movements allow opening, closing and chewing. People can experience symptoms such as pain, clicking, locking and arthritis of this joint. Grinding is a common factor which can result in pain and discomfort in this joint, as well as stress and position or loss of posterior teeth.

Here at Wisdom Dental symptoms are assessed and after diagnosing the specific problem, appropriate advice, muscles exercises and splint therapy is used to help alienate the symptoms.

Bite Guards

Mouth guards/bite guards are custom made by your dentist to fit comfortably around your teeth. They can be provided for a variety of reasons e.g. protection during sports, nightwear for people who are clenching or grinding.


Sometimes extractions may be required for heavily infected teeth, wisdom teeth or for orthodontic treatment. The thought of an extraction can be worrying and cause anxiety. Here at Wisdom Dental we will assess the tooth and explain the full procedure to put you at ease. We will carry out the procedure ensuring your upmost comfort throughout. We will provide full after care extraction advice to ease healing.


Here at Wisdom Dental surgery we adhere to all current guidelines in accordance with HTM0-105.  We have strict cross infection control policies in place regarding all aspects of decontamination and have a dedicated decontamination room to clean and sterilise all our instruments.

We have a strict cross infection control policy at Wisdom Dental Surgery which ensures a safe and clean environment for both patients and staff. Due to new regulations that are being put into place, we have extended our premisis to make room for a separate decontamination room to ensure that high cross infection control is obtained. We regularly update our policy according to recommendations and regulations.

click here to see CQC inspection report carried out in 2013, where all standards were met.
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