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Same day crowns inlays/onlys and veneers.

Here at Wisdom Dental we use Cerec (Cad-cam) state of the art technology to make beautiful ceramic (porcelain) veneers crowns and inlays all in a single appointment with no need to take impressions or make temporary teeth.

What is Cerec?
When is a cerec restoration used?
What is the procedure?
How long do Cerec restorations last?
The Benefits of Cerec

What is Cerec?

CEREC is an acronym for Ceramic Reconstruction and is one of the most exciting technologies in dentistry.

CEREC is an in-surgery computer system that allows us to replace damaged or missing tooth structure with a ceramic material that's as close to natural tooth as is possible. This is all done while you are in the practice - in just one visit.

All-ceramic porcelain inlays /onlays veneers and crowns that look and feel like natural teeth, can be made and fitted in a single appointment, usually in about an hour.

When you have your teeth restored with CEREC there are NO impressions needed, NO temporary restorations (caps) to worry about, NO two week wait while the laboratory fabricates the restoration and NO need for a second appointment.

CEREC© is an all ceramic material similar to porcelain. It is bio-inert and has been designed to mimic the natural physical properties of tooth enamel – making it the ideal material regardless of restoration size.

When is a cerec restoration used?

Crowns, Veneers, Inlays and Fillings

Whether just a single tooth needs restoring or multiple teeth, CEREC can deliver. Cerec restorations can be used to make fillings, inlays/onlays, crowns and in some cases bridges.

Cerec restoration are commonly used to replaced old silver amalgam fillings. Silver fillings contain mercury. They add no strength to the tooth and teeth over the years eventually leak and crack around them.

Cerec restorations are ideal to replace old amalgams.

Cerec restorations can also be used to replace white fillings.

White fillings (composite resin) work well in smaller cavities however if it is a larger cavity a cerec restoration maybe more suitable.  

Even badly broken teeth which would normally be extracted can often be saved and restored using CEREC.

Anything we would normally have to make via a laboratory can be made in the practice the very same day with CEREC.

What is the Procedure?

Your tooth is prepared and a photo is taken with the CEREC  ‘tooth’ camera and because the CEREC process is so precise, far more of your tooth can be conserved compared to the conventional 'crown' method.

The computer then produces a complete high definition 3D model.

You can then watch your new restoration (crown/inlay/veneer) on the 3D model. The completed design is ‘beamed’ wirelessly to the CEREC milling machine.

An all-ceramic CEREC block is chosen to match the colour of your teeth and placed into the CEREC milling machine.

The block is then precisely carved to produce your new restoration.

Finally, the custom made CEREC restoration ‘bonded’ seamlessly into the tooth, strengthening and sealing it at the same time - and all in about an hour!

How long do Cerec restorations last?

CEREC© CAD are very long lasting  restorations can last up to 20 years or more.

CEREC is now becoming the standard against which other materials are used.

CEREC is made by Sirona GmbH (formally Siemens) in Germany - more information on the system and materials can be found on the Sirona website.

The Benefits of Cerec
  • All Ceramic material – no metal in your mouth
  • Little loss of tooth tissue (less drilling!)
  • Only one visit
  • Tooth coloured restoration - looks and feels completely natural
  • No 'gooey' moulds to be taken
  • No temporaries
  • There are no impressions taken
  • No 2 week wait
  • No need for 2nd injection


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